for patrickm.craig

isn't there an easier way?

kentucky tag team

what do the interns have against dr. ken ramey

nine eyeballs aligned (according to size) or nine eyeballs (aligned according to size)
first trip to new york.

-sty town
-lakeshore tavern
-coney island


if you are in columbus, go to this. i wish i could be there.

the world misses you daymon


as yet. until. sometimes.

first week is over, and i survived. everything went really well.
havent made any work yet, but that will start this week.

if you can get your hands on a copy, you should check out a book called
'the next documenta should be curated by an artists'

its a collection of proposals for documenta shows by artists, and it an good insight into the minds of some artists that i dont know too much about. its also interesting to see what attitudes artists have towards the art world after being a part of it for so long.

hey molly, happy birthday!