What the hell

molly sent this to me, its pretty funny.


the heart of it all


Ive been thinking a lot about historic images lately, and the personalities and lives that that take on, independent of their historical truth or sepcific personal connections. The idea of the iconic image is very complex. If youre interested in that idea check out martha roseler's article "in, around and afterthoughts"

My friend Justin sent me this body of work this morning that I thought was really interesting. (and very ofensive)

It is from an artist collective called 'Henry VIII Wives'.
They hire elderly people (from an assisted living home in Glasgow) to reenact iconic documentary photographs.
These are hard images for me to look at, but i think they are a good critique on the nature of documentary photography.

If you want to check out more from this series go to http://h8w.net/work/im.html


New York 11.2.07


(carlos amorales at yvon lambert)


(doug keyes at foley gallery)


(antony gormley at sean kelly)

the apocalypse

(jill greenberg at clamp art)


good products, better music

recently ive seen a lot a commercials with music that ive been listening to.
im happy these artists are getting exposure and recognition.
its still weird.

one am radio in pontiac commercial

hum in a cadillac commercial

there is also an anti aids ad featuring the books' song tokyo
(i couldnt find video for that one on the internet... if you can find it let me know!)

One Moment - Two Images