memory has been on my mind a lot. and i think its showing in some of the new videos im working on. its funny how working in a new medium will bring up new topics and issues in your work that you didnt know were there before.

I like the idea that, despite our specific and individual memories, we still share the same sort of associations with the past. say, for example, you and i both think back to a childhood trip to the ocean... our memories are different, but we both play the role of the vacationer, and make associations the same way. i guess im interested in that line between personal and collective memories.

elijah gowin is a photographer that reminds me of this concept.

and jason salavon as well.

speaking of jason salavon, i just read that the us census dept. commissioned him to do an installation transferring statistics into visual art. the outcome i thought was very interesting. you can read more about it on his website.



my friend jeff jones has a few shows coming up soon, so if you're in philly or dayton check it out.

the art of stealing

monet, cezanne, van gogh, and degas paintings were stolen from a private collection.

168 million dollars worth of oil paint and old canvas, back on the market...



Susan Jahoda, a professor of mine at UMASS, is having an opening tonight at PS 122 in NYC. Im sure the show will be for the next month, so if youre around, check it out.

(still from jahoda's film ...of a worm in a pomegranate)