thanks to justin for turning me on to www.artfagcity.com.  Its a good blog that looks at a mixture of whats going on in the art world and other general visual issues. 

i really like the post on cyan the timeless color of advertising.



went to a show at ICP called archive fever that was really nice.

saw Jeremy Boyle at Hudson Franklin Gallery

saw Shona Macdonald at Reeves Gallery

got to see Marcel Dzama speak about his video work

saw the Whitney Biennial, it was pretty good... some of the the highlights were Leslie Hewitt and John Baldessari

Geoff waved to Sigourney Weaver


remember curt mann?

my friend curt mann is a very good artist and a very nice guy.
check out this article about him:


Also if you are in chicago he has an opening tonight (firday 4.12) AT Vespine Gallery
more info here:



Bruce Connor

this is a great video by bruce connor called 'erasing dreamland'.
I love the dialogue that happens between the new and the old... and there are some interesting things that happen with the rhythm as well. There are some really beautiful moments.



here are some stills from a couple of videos ive done this semester.

from 'untitled: project number one'

from '900 miles from illinois to massachusetts'