i just finished up my first year. things went well, my final review wend great, and i feel like im at a really good point in my work.

this weekend i will be going to NYPH, in the the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. there are going to be a lot of interesting speakers and panal discussions, so if you are in new york with nothing to do...


also, i am finally moving into my new studio today. the space isnt as big, but it is much nicer... no mice or roaches. Ill have photos when i get everything set up.

im heading back home in a week or so, and looking forward to spending some time with family and friends... if anyone has a suggestion for some good summer reading, let me know.



this is a post on iheartphotograph.com (a great blog - check it out)

a bunch of fauxtographs & my victims from joannabanana on Vimeo.

'the technology of having a video camera embedded in digital still cameras has created a phenomenon called fauxtography. sometimes a prank, sometimes an accident they are a surprisingly revealing look at the machinations behind casual snapshots. they seem to be more popular on vimeo, a youtube competitor.'