midway show + random pictures

here are some images from MIDWAY:

and some random images:



I have a few shows up right now, so if you find yourslef in new england, please check them out.

1. umass/risd exchange show.

at benson hall gallery in the priintmaking building at risd.
this is part one of a two part show.
at the end of this month some of the grads from risd will come up for a show here at umass in the student union art gallery.

thanks to the risd crew for showing us around providence and helping us out with everything.

here are some (bad) pictures of the installation:

2. midway

every year the umass mfa grads who are halfway through the program have a group show at the student union gallery
the show goes up this tuesday and the opening is monday the 23rd.

right now at the university gallery at umass is miroslaw balka's show 'gravity'. if you havent seen his work, you should look him up.

and i will be going to chicago for a few days while i am there im going to the mca to check out curt mann in the 12 x 12 gallery... that also should be a good show.

thats it for now, I'll post some new work soon.