Long Time, No See.

I have been neglecting my blogger duties for a few months, sorry about that.

Im back in columbus for the summer and working at my old grade school.
Im going to grad school at UMASS.
I leave in less than a month.
I will be teaching ART 105:Design.
I have been taking pictures.
A number of my friends have gotten married.
I am very poor.

I think that gets everything back up to speed.
I promise new images later on today.

My work has kind of been all over the place. I am taking advantage of being in a situation where I do not have to commit to any one project or idea, and just making random work.

I have been working more with the scratches, and experimenting with bookmaking and the borrowed image, and taking pictures with this.

(i just bought curt's 6 7. thanks curt)

stay tuned for images.


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