Things have settled down a little bit.
im getting used to the town, and getting used to being away from home.

these have been occupying my time over the past week.
Im doing my best to catch up on the books I bought over the summer since im assuming Ill be too busy to read for fun once school starts up.

I still have no idea where my work will go through out the past year, but Im excited to play around with new methods and influences.

over the summer, I spent my time working maintenance at St. James the Less elementary school. This is where I spent my k-8 years, and where my mother has taught for over 25 years and my father is the financial director. Working here enabled me to walk freely through out the building by myself and get to know the space and take some photographs. I havent had time to sort through all of the film, but here are some of the rough images.

ALSO, this blew my mine.

copywrite Lisa Rienermann.
I found this on iheartphotograph.com
its a great blog that i suggest checking out every once and awhile.


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