memory has been on my mind a lot. and i think its showing in some of the new videos im working on. its funny how working in a new medium will bring up new topics and issues in your work that you didnt know were there before.

I like the idea that, despite our specific and individual memories, we still share the same sort of associations with the past. say, for example, you and i both think back to a childhood trip to the ocean... our memories are different, but we both play the role of the vacationer, and make associations the same way. i guess im interested in that line between personal and collective memories.

elijah gowin is a photographer that reminds me of this concept.

and jason salavon as well.

speaking of jason salavon, i just read that the us census dept. commissioned him to do an installation transferring statistics into visual art. the outcome i thought was very interesting. you can read more about it on his website.


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